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FTIH Film School
January 7, 2020

Acting Workshop by actor Mr.Basha Gaaru @FTIH

FTIH Film School
December 23, 2019

Acting Workshop by actor Mr Radha Krishna Garu @FTIH

FTIH Film School
September 26, 2019

Photography workshop by Mr.D.O.P.Srinadh Gaaru @FTIH

FTIH Film School
April 22, 2019

Acting Workshop by Mr. Kambhampati S Kumar Garu

FTIH Film School
April 12, 2019

Acting Workshop by Mr. Sumit Raoy King Garu

FTIH Film School
March 4, 2019


FTIH Film School
February 2, 2019

Acting Workshop by Mr.Bhargava Guttikonda Garu

FTIH Film School
October 27, 2018

Acting workshop by Mrs. Sasikiran Narayana Garu


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    FTIH Film School
    February 3, 2017

    Best Film Institute in Hyderabad

    FTIH Film School
    July 25, 2016

    Career in Multimedia

    FTIH Film School
    July 25, 2016

    Film Media Institute in Hyderabad

    FTIH Film School
    July 25, 2016

    Multimedia in Hyderabad

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    Sandip Bhandare

    Ftih is good place for learning film studies . Subbu acting professor is excellent I have a great rappo with him and gained so much acting skills.


    Mounika Smiley

    Recently i completed my acting training in FTIH, Really great experience faculties in ftih and get certificate from FTIH thanks to all..!!


    Vamshi Patel

    Hi i am Vamshi student in FTIH Film School, i continue my acting in ftih school, our faculty subba raju very experienced and talented..! i happy with FTIH film school.



    This is Tejkumar one year dftech student in FTIH.. i feel proud to join here this is the best place to fullfill our dreams in a proper way my best suggestion to join in FTIH..good support from management.


    Annie Masscom

    Great place for people who want to make their career in Multimedia industry. Good faculties and their teaching style super.Faculty are were supportive, i just Suggest to take admission in this FTIH with trustful.


    Amuluri Vishal

    It was the most challenging but the best experience I had. All the faculty were supportive and helpful all the time. With one word they are amazing. FTIH was definitely the correct place to take PHOTOGRAPHY because we felt like a part of FTIH family. Thanks to everyone, I enjoyed every single moment. At the end, we were happy to finish finally the course, but we didn’t even want to say goodbye. Thanks for this great opportunity and the unforgettable time.


    Srikanth Nani

    Hiii….. This is Srikanth bandaru. I am also student of FTIH.first I want to share my experience with you.before joining in this FTIH Institute.my parents and friends are fully oppose to it that time I also got some negative taughts but am fully interested to join in this institute.but after joining in this institute.l am fully happy because on teaching and taking full responsibility on us to full fill our dreams.now I can say proudly to my parents and friends of getting this national Award to my filmhome FTIH institute.Now I want to congratulate all the staff and students and specially I want to thank my father of my dream Udaykiran sir.I hope you must win this type of many Awards and gifts this FTIH Institute is very good to find the talent of every person to reach their goals and dreams.o once again I want to thank and congratulate all the staff and further actors of all the departments of FTIH.(THE BEST FILM SCHOOL AND DREAM SCHOOL OF HYDERABAD) All the best to all our FTIH Family.??????????


    nikhil niky

    Hi, this is Nikhil ,I’m the student of FTIH.
    I would like share my experience about FTIH
    In every field initiated/founder is the main source for getting results.In my point of view the person who has spent , blood & sweat for his achieving goals.
    Here the person all credits goes to Mr.Uday Kiran sir,who is the leader of FTIH, Leader is not person who stand infornt of us ,But leader is a person who receives supporting from all and giving right path to success our goals.In FTIH they are not only trained us but they also giving their experiences to me good and reach our goals in our life.
    These are all words/persons who to achieving the “BEST INSTITUTE AWARD” in 2016(pride of indian education award)take place .It is a precious moment .I would like to congratulate everyone ,I honour to be a part of it.
    Thanks everyone to accepting me as a family member.??


    Raja Kolapalli

    Ftih film and television institute of Hyderabad oka student lo vuna samadyane bita petagalaru student ke tanameda tanake oka namakane chupagalaru entaku menche emkem kavale ede oka gopa samastanamu I am proud FTIH



    hi thise is ashwanth first of all i have to say heartly congratulations to ftih studios because we have won the award and i am the member of thise studios and everyone has a dream to achieve something in their life either may be it is about career or like to become most talented actors in ftih studios it is possible to everyone to make their dreems real. ftih studios is not only a learning skills about films, it is a family for all who are in thise ftih studios. i think through my life i have a dreem to become an director but ftih proves that its just not a dream its your goal what you have decide and now i hope i can reach my goal surely and one more thing i have to say that is i have to thanks to my m.d. uday kiran sir because he give a such an wonder full opertunety to prove my talent and they aer in my part of life. and belive it is just not a word it is way to you grow higher levels. i have belive in ftih so, all who have to reach your goal come to ftih studios we can make our dreams real. and i hope thise ftih studios will go to far greater than higher levels . and thanks to ftih …..


    Balaji Patra

    Hello… I am Balaji Patra one of the students of Film and television institute of Hyderabad. This film institute is amazing film School with every possible thing from decent faculties. Best class courses in Technical and non-technical (Like Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Media course). I would like to share some information about FTIH. During my course, I conclude that FTIH has a friendly environment, malleable, no restrictions. You can do whatever you want to do. Because of this FTIH achieve “BEST INSTITUTE AWARD” in 2016 (pride of Indian education award). Thanks to FTIH


    sivaramakrishna tekkisetty

    Mandha lo vokadiga kadhu, vandha lo vokadiga vundali anedhe na ‘asha,kala’, ala na asha neraverchukovataniki naku dhorikina adrustam’ FTIH’ anukunta, endhukante ‘cheyali ana patudhala, cheyagalanu ane namakam manakunte , ikadi nunche mana tholi mettu avuthundhi ani oka ‘FTIH’ student ga nenu namuthuna, edhi chesina nammi cheyali, THANKU FTIH, THANKU UDHAY SIR.


    Dibya Prasad

    Hey all ! I am Dibya Prasad from Berhampur, Odisha. I get admission in Diploma in Film Tech in Film and Television Institute of Hyderabad. I would like to say that it is the best film institute of hyderabad. Its friendly environment and helping nature of seniors and guidance of teachers definitely a plus point for me and everyone here for growing and polishing my creativity. I would not say trust on my words. Do visit once and then decide.


    sankranthi shivakrishna

    Hello, this is s.shiva krishna. classes are good, I feel like, I can reach my goal of becoming a cinematographer with FTIH institute. Overall experience is amazing. our MD Uday sir has been a great support for reaching my goal.
    Thank you uday sir, thank you FTIH


    srujana m

    The best way to reach the movie field (the best institute for cinematography and direction courses in hyderabad)


    good vinay

    Hi every one no words to tell it’s simply super that’s it..Thanks to ”FTIH” Thanks to Uday sir, and subbu raj sir….


    kondaru venkatesh

    Hai Guys, This is Venkatesh I was joined for an acting course with duration of 3 months. during the session I have learned a lot , how to be an actor, and the differences between to an actor and common man. Thanks to subbaraju sir who teach me and who guide me to mould my self to be an actor. had a great journey with FTIH. thanks to Uday sir shivani madam and FTIH staff and students. All the best guys for your feature endeavours.


    Deepak world

    An institute which gave us a very friendly environment to achieve our goal .what needed more than that ..really happy to chose this institute.. Thank you..

    Revathinadha Pulipati

    This is the right place to learn acting,My acting trainer is young and energitic who can spare any number of hours for the seriously interested sudents, otehr than acting my personality development changes i am finding with in me, i am quite comfortable with the facilities here


    Pavankumar Rongala

    It is too motivational and intresting. practiacal classes are very good and so useful. I feel so happy for joining in FTIH. Im so glad and thankful to FTIH.


    shashidhar reddy

    Good Place To Learn New Things Regarding D.F.Tech
    Good Facullty , They Support Us In All Aspects.
    It Provides Challenging Enviroment Where We Can Comptete In Modern World


    Mallareddy Dotula

    Joining in FTIH is a very good experience. Entered into FTIH with zero Knowledge now we improved a lot hoping for more in future.


    mayani tharun

    This is mayani i am very glad to join here. Excellence to be part of here i hope that to achieve lot of goals in my career through by this ”FTIH”.


    U_heard_me_I’m_ KiTTu

    I Manish recently joined in Ftih, this is the best institute I have ever experienced, the classes are very easy to understand, coming about the faculty they are quite awesome & are teaching very well, if you ask me this is the best institute I would suggest, thank you to all faculty members and especially Uday Kiran sir for making me a part of this institution, thank you so much sir.


    d sai srikar

    hello everyone this is srikar… i have joined in FTIH for cinematography course.. i was very happy with teaching skills and practise session.. classes taught by sagar sir were excellent and motivative.. i should call it as my FAMILY..
    Thank you


    imam basha

    The best film institute in hyderabad whare your financial status is not a parameter of your skills,talent…..THANK YOU.


    Sravan Kumar

    This is the best institute for acting in Hyderabad and also they teach direction, editing and dubbing etc. This is a right opportunity for aspiring actors and directors. FTIH make a complete movie house.



    Few days back i joined here for acting classes. I’m very happy with the course and over all atmosphere of FTIH.



    Classes are overall good.Easy explanation by the faculty with practicle examples. Joining here in FTIH is a good learning experience. Thanq to the staff and management.


    Ragavendar rao

    joining in FTIH was a very good experience, the teaching environment and faculty supportiveness here is too good. Faculty was teaching with realtime examples. Hoping for the best in future from FTIH.


    Ranjith kumar

    This institute is good place to learn new things it has good faculty. Staff encourage us in many ways to learn new things. Thanks to FTIH.


    Lokesh Loki

    Institute faculty maintaining a friendly relationship with us. It’s one of the best institute I ever seen before…?


    maresh penka

    FTIH is a place where one can explore many things about film making and acting. Very thankful to the staff and the whole team of FTIH.


    JI2 d legend

    Its feels really good being a student of FTIH. Because this institute is active in both practical & theory classes with a some fabulous concept like confab & premier show…..


    Banala Govindha

    I am govindh acting course student. Faculty here are so helpful. Those who want to learn acting this is the best place that i can suggest. I am really thankful to Mr. Udaykiran sir. Thank you FTIH.


    Chandrasekhar Potnuru

    I am very happy to join here. Everyone here are helpfull. Excellent teaching faculty. Thanks to the team of FTIH


    kanubuddi Ramanji

    Simply superb. learning here is a two way process. So happy with the joining. Thanks to Sagar sir and Andrew sir


    chandrashekar pettla

    Well teaching by the faculty. Simply superb. I recommend this institute to others who wants to grow up in film industry.


    SaI rAm RaHuL

    FTIH the name itself is a brand for introducing fantabulous productive film makers to the movie industry . As an aspiring actor i stepped into this institute and had a humongous amount of learning experience with a pro teaching faculty .FTIH is not only into theoretical training but also ensures the students to build their confidence with practical classes which are included in their syllable. Proud to be a part of FTIH fertility.


    Sound Engineering and Dubbing

    FTIH institute provides a sophisticated course that dwells on in-depth training on all the significant aspects of Audio Engineering.

    The syllabus of the course covers a wide range of topics that is from basic theories of sound to audio mixing and audio for broadcast. Among its significant topics, the course comprises of film track analysis and synchronisation. FTIH students are trained in various Audio Engineering techniques like on-location recording, studio recording, dubbing, sound design, track laying and audio mixing for specific outputs.

    In Dubbing, generally Actors prefer to dub their dialogues and incase they aren’t able to do so due to some diction or language related problem, then they prefer dubbing artist who is skilled enough to lend his/her voice according to the on-screen character’s voice articulation.

    Dubbing artist has found their place pre-dominantly in Television commercials, documentaries, radio programs and film’s narration, multimedia, audiotapes, telephone message services, etc.

    FTIH takes you through the comprehensive course of dubbing, which constructs the students to pronounce dubbing perfectly even before the course finishes. FTIH trains the students in pre-dubbing process in Advance, which helps them to deal with adoption of scripts and production dubbing.Students in the Film and Television of Hyderabad gain adequate training from abundant practice sessions, which help them to be fit for industry standards.



    Acting  is “Art of living truthfully under imaginary situations” Whereas Actor is an Athlete of emotional abundance in the fictional world, whose role is to generate the similar emotions in the Audience.

    The truth witnessed by the audience on the stage was different from that of real life, but that’s a ‘scenic truth’, which is possible to achieve on stage. A performance of an actor must be palpable and honest for the audience to indulge. According to Stanislavsky belief, an actor is influenced either by an emotion or mind for action stimulation.

    By considering all these, we‘ve developed our own hands on approach, which is easy for students to apply, while performing in front of the camera. If an actor experiences only internal feelings or only physical actions, then the performance is dead. The reason behind this goes back to the union of both psychological and physical dimensions. We’ve developed our own BMV theory (Body, Mind and Voice theory) to coordinate all these three at the time of performance. We believe in analyzing deeply the characteristics of human behavior, which makes an actor, feel confident and to be “In the moment“

    We design our course flexible for Kids, Students and employees according to their timings. In FTIH we train the actors according to the needs of the industry such as realistic acting and method acting. The emphasis at FTIH is on providing practical experience and hands on education to our students so that, not only do they develop their crafts as actors, but excel at acting in front of the camera and help them reach acme in their career as Actors.

    uday kiran

    Film Direction

    The only thing that makes a Direction FTIH students stand aside from the rest is rooted in the observation, insight, sensitivity and intelligence, required for majestic art form called Cinema, which is being delivered by faculties here at Film and Television Institute of Hyderabad.

    The best film Institute in Hyderabad where students learn about the importance of Cinema and the responsibilities that filmmaker has to take, while making films.

    FTIH students impart knowledge from all the other crafts of filmmaking also, to have a better understanding and improve themselves as a better filmmaker.


    Cinematography & Photography

    The Cinematography and Photography courses at FTIH is for enthusiastic learners who aspire to become professional storytellers. Film and Television Institute of Hyderabad presents you this course, with today’s technological advancements.

    The only place in Hyderabad, where students learn the craft with the step-by-step guide to plan and to capture the visuals, technically spell bounding.

    Throughout the course, the students will engage in various projects, which is scrutinized by the concerned faculty member. By the time, students finish the course, they will have a hands-on experience and myriad opportunities, waiting their way.

    After the course completion, the students will have the required skill set to succeed in this exciting field.


    News Reading & Anchoring

    Film and Television Institute of Hyderabad has designed the News Reading/Anchoring course, for the students who are fascinated by the world of Communication. The course exposes the students to the techniques employed in TV news presentation, as well as anchoring for live Events. Throughout the course the students will learn the complexities in News Reading, which is apparently required in current Media Industry.

    Anchoring pre-dominantly exist in the field of TV shows, Award Ceremonies, Reality Shows, Entertainment shows/Events. In the course, students will learn to perfect Body Language, public speaking and Non-verbal skills.

    Reporters will acquire the knowledge of finishing their assigned stories in time and reporting them to the general public on-air. They will learn to investigate, research and write reports objectively and accurately. The course will let you prepare for the competitive on-air job, which is disseminating widely in Metropolitan cities. The course focuses majorly on communication and writing skills, acquiring knowledge on most genres of communication.

    Plethora of opportunities is available on the doorstep, for students with required skill set.