Evoking different Emotions by means of Expressions, Gestures and Voice Modulations is Acting.Where as in Method Acting an Actor Emulates Emotions in a more refined and sophisticated manner.Method Actors take things to extreme levels to get into the skin and soul of the character.

Father Of Method Acting:

Konstantin Stanislavski a Theatre Practitioner from Russia has developed the system of Method Acting during the early 19 century.According to him an Actor should not merely represent the role one plays rather he should experience it.He believed in making an Actor experience and practice the Nauces of the character is the ideal way to get the best and realistic performance.

Emergence Of Method Acting:

Lee Strasberg,Stella Adlers and Sanford Meisner are considered as the Masters who popularized the system of Method Acting.Their association at the Group Theatre in New York has paved way for the expansion of Method Acting all over the Western Nations.They followed and promoted Approach formulated by konstantin Stanislavski’s Method Acting.They developed the System of Method Acting by bringing together Psychological, Sociological and Behavioural aspects of Human Nature.

How The System Of Method Acting Works:

In Method Acting Actors adopt immense training and practice sessions.To bring in realistic appeal to the character they portray they often stay in real places to experience and understand the actual emotional connect.Method Actors try to learn the skills and language of the Character they play.At times Actors following this system even bring in severe physical transformations according to the need to get perfect appearance.As a whole the prime objective of Method Acting is to invoke the Actors consious thought and will in such a manner that it stimulates even the Sub Consious behaviour in all aspects.

Blog By: Avinash M.Sc Vis Com.Faculty Cinematography