Cinematography With Red Cam

Available Course Duration :

  • 2 weeks course  (Monday – Friday)

  • Daily 2 hours 

  • Total – 20Hrs Sessions

  • Tuition Fees – INR 15000/- 

  • Registration Fees – INR 1000/- 

M. V. Raghu is an Indian film cinematographer turned director, screenwriter, and producer known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema. In 1988, he has directed the neo-realistic film Kallu, which has received many awards including state awards and has garnered special mention from the CBFC Jury. Jury Member for Nandi Film Awards 2001 and 2017. Also Known As “Kallu Raghu” in Telugu Film Industry. In his 45 years of Film Industry Journey worked for more than 60+ movies.

*Cinematography and it’s role in filmmaking
*Brief history of cinema
*Cinematographer, his responsibilities and crew
*Production process (pre-production,production and post- production )
*Script Basics – Director, His Responsibilites and Team
*Types of shots in filmmaking
*Types of cameras and parts of Camera
*LENSES-Lens Language – Relation between Lens and shots
*Light, Lights and Lighting schemes
*Exposure-Traingle principle – Different Formats( Film and Digital)
*Fundamentals of digital cinematography
*Resolutions – Dynamic Range – Color Theory
*Chroma keying ( Blue and Green Matts) – Editing Basics
*Camera Movements ( Track and trolly, Crane, Gimbal and Drone)
*Shot Compositions ( Rule of thirds, etc)
*Color grading( D.I ) – Film Appreciation

*Student should submit Covid Certificate before
entering into the class.
*Project Editing will be not provided by the Institution.
*Red KOMODO will be given to the student for the project
with basic accessories (Not Cinematic lenses like CP2/CP3 kits)
*Project should be done at the FTIH Premises Only.
*Duration of the Project Output will be 1 Min.
*Students can Carry DSLR’s cameras to the Classes.
*Student Should Carry the Harddisk for the Project.
*Daily 3 Hrs (Mon-Fri)
*Saturday will be an Film Appreciation Class
with a Movie Screening.

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