D F Tech Cinematography Course Hyderabad

Available Course Duration :

  • 12 Weeks
  • 24 Weeks
  • 52 Weeks

D F Tech Cinematography Course Hyderabad

The cinematography course at the Film and Television Institute of Hyderabad (FTIH) is invariably the most opted course for those who want to learn the technical and non-technical aspects of Cinematography.

Cinematography at FTIH is designed, keeping in mind of the technical advancements happening at a pace that has never happened before and its Industrial relativity is yet again undeniable.

To all the aspirants out there in the world, who want to see themselves as professional cinematographer, D.F.TECH in cinematography at FTIH is a way through.

A man with a moving camera captures the motion pictures with a sense, making sense while telling a story to the audience.

A film with the best cinematography is often the film that best fulfills the cinema’s potential as an effective visual art form.

Cinematography should not be often oversimplified as an act of capturing events/actions.

In fact, Cinematography is the art of storytelling with visuals that connote meanings other than what they stand for.

At FTIH, we believe that a course on Cinematography should cover the understanding of both visual semiotics and aesthetics.

Cinematography course

Learning the true meaning of frame composition and different styles of filming the actions of actor is an integral part of the Cinematography course.

Students at FTIH
Training students to comfortably take call on making a choice of cameras, camera lenses, filters, exposure triangle, camera angles, camera movements and the integration of any special effects if required with the camera.

Most of all FTIH offers Cinematography course in different modules and course periods. Hence,we ensure that there will be a balance between theoretical and practical learning of cinematography concepts.

Students of the Cinematography course are exposed to real-time film productions and are given an opportunity to take part in different independent and commercial projects.

Continuous assessment of the students and evaluating of their progress in learning cinematography concepts is regular routine of our faculty.

Finally, guest lectures, power talks, and screening of world-renowned movies that emphasize on the art of cinematography is part of our students’ weekends.

Cinematography Students of cinematography are subjected to work on a final project and undertake an internship program to complete the art of storytelling with visuals i.e., Cinematography.


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