The usual documents involved in writing a screenplay for a feature film (not all are     necessary but it might improve your craftsmanship)

  1. The Premise is a statement of the main character(s), and their dilemma written in 1-3 sentences
  2. The Synopsis is about 3 paragraphs long, and each paragraph encompasses the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
  3. 3. The Outline is about 1-3 pages long, briefly describing the setup, confrontation and resolution, and details of primary characters.
  4. Character Notes is around 1-3 pages, outlines the different characters and their back stories.
  5. Pitch Document contains all of the above documents and some images that help the other person to understand your vision. It almost takes 10 pages.
  6. Scene Breakdown Importance of each scene outlined in a list (or) using Index cards.
  7. The Treatment (20-40 pages) is an expanded version of the Outline, with more character detail, more dramatic `moments’ and vivid key scenes. Each scene is written in a paragraph in third person present tense – with no dialogue.
  8. Sample Dialogues: writing a page of dialogue (or) monologue for your character with their own unique voice helps you in getting an insight and distinction between the characters in your story.
  9. The Screenplay (90 -120 pages)-Standard International Screenplay Format; A4 paper; Courier 12-point font; and with black card front & back, 3 holes drilled & 2 brads in the top & bottom holes- contains scene descriptions, slug lines, dialogues.

Blog By Mutyala Venkata Shiva – Screenplay Writing Faculty (FTIH)