We have conducted our first FILMMAKING #Workshop at #Warangal and it was indeed overwhelming and reassuring that there are lot of hungry passionate people out there for Cinema, and we had the privilege to meet such interesting people, interact and share the place.

We have conducted 5 different sessions- starting with #Multimedia– #ColorGrading#Acting#Direction#AerialCinematography– #Cinematography; and the response was phenomenal.

I thank everyone for making it possible. Love Warangal.


Acting Workshop By The Great Comedian And Actor Mr.Krishna Bhagavan Garu @FTIH
17 March 2020
Acting Workshop by the most senior actor Shree Chalapathi Rao Garu @FTIH
25 february 2020
Acting Workshop by actress Miss Madhavi Latha Garu @FTIH
24 february 2020