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Writing isn’t easy, and writing a good story is even harder.

Every  one thought that, Everything I Know About How to write a proper story, especially budding writers and filmmakers. Actually they Don’t Know How to write a story.

Here I’m giving some information about Story writing with my Science(knowledge).

Guys just have a look on story writing process, how to Write/Narrate/Build a story with writing tools and elements.

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Character can be defined as any person, animal, or figure represented in a literary work.

According to the film making terminology character denotes to “SUBJECT”.

Characters are classified into three types in film making,




1.PRIMARY CHARACTERS (Major characters):This characters plays a major role in the story.

Here everyone confused with PROTAGONIST only comes under main character, that’s wrong

Primary characters are PROTAGONIST (HE/SHE), ANTAGONIST(HE/SHE), ACTRESS & MAIN   LEAD CHARACTER according to the story based.

PROTAGONIST: A Protagonist who leads or protects the whole story.

The protagonist is at the center of the story, makes the key decisions, and experiences the consequences of those decisions .

The protagonist is the primary agent propelling the story forward, and is often the character who faces the most significant obstacles.

“The Character which is having Positive vibes is known as Protagonist”.

ANTAGONIST: A person who Opposes / Competitor towards to the protagonist’s actions .

An  Antagonist is introduced in the plot/conflict raising events of the story.

“The Character which is having Negative vibes is known as Antagonist”.

ACTRESS: A Women who behaves in a way that is not genuine .

A Women whose profession is acting in the movies is known as Actress.

Actresses also one of the attractive commercial / Glamour / flavor element.

Actresses give support to the protagonist events in all possible ways.

MAIN LEAD CHARACTER: In some films beyond protagonist, Antagonist & Actress there is a character linkups through a story ,the story revolves around that character.

Visual example:

  1. SECONDARY CHARACTERS (Minor characters): The characters which are placed between the primary characters & tertiary characters.

The characters who supports to the main characters are called secondary characters .

Secondary characters are also popular as Supporting characters.

Who are having the dialogues excluding the primary characters those are secondary ones.

Simply they are supports the events/actions towards to driven a story. Supporters examples like: Parents, Family members, Friends, people according to the scripting.

Visual Example:

  1. TERTIARY CHARACTERS(Casual ones): The characters who not having dialogues appear in one, perhaps required for a specific, limited edition.

This delineation of roles correlates to character names (how they are referred to in scene description and when heading each side of their dialogue):

Tertiary characters are also called as silent characters /Extras.

These characters are covered the scene locations to grab the audience intension really the scene is happened in the current locations.

Junior Artists are  Tertiary characters, to fill the whole scene location.

For example: In Railway Station scene Tertiary characters incorporates like Passengers, coolies, potters, etc.

Individual Tertiary characters like silent characters, Group of Tertiary characters like Extras mostly extras are used in war based films, number of soldiers are participated in those scenes.

Visual Example:

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