Focus and Vision: Unveiling the Talented Winners of FTIH Film School’s World Photography Day Contest

Capturing moments that transcend time and leave an indelible mark on the canvas of memories is an art cherished by many. On this auspicious occasion of World Photography Day, we delve into the world of creativity, passion, and visual storytelling as FTIH Film School proudly presents the winners of its remarkable photography contest.

World Photography Day: Celebrating the Essence of Captured Moments

Every year, on August 19th, the world comes together to celebrate World Photography Day, commemorating the invention of the daguerreotype – the first practical photographic process. This day is not just a tribute to the evolution of photography but also a celebration of the countless photographers who capture the essence of life through their lenses.

FTIH Film School, renowned for nurturing creative talents across various visual arts disciplines, chose to honor this day with a photography contest that aimed to showcase the unique visions and remarkable focus of emerging photographers. The theme of the contest was “Focus and Vision,” inviting participants to portray their perspective on the world and its intricate details.

Unveiling the Talented Winners

The response to the contest was overwhelming, with participants from around the globe submitting their best works. The panel of judges, consisting of accomplished photographers and professionals from the field of visual arts, had the arduous task of selecting the winners among the outstanding entries. After careful consideration and deliberation, three remarkable photographers emerged victorious:

  1. First Place: “Ephemeral Whispers” by Emily TurnerEmily Turner’s photograph “Ephemeral Whispers” stood out for its ethereal quality and profound symbolism. The image captures a dew-kissed spider’s web delicately suspended between blades of grass, glistening in the morning sun. The intricate patterns of the web appear to hold secrets of the universe, while the dewdrops seem to encapsulate fleeting whispers of existence. Turner’s mastery of composition and her ability to transform a seemingly ordinary subject into a profound visual metaphor earned her the coveted first place.
  2. Second Place: “Urban Odyssey” by Javier MoralesJavier Morales’ “Urban Odyssey” is a captivating portrayal of the modern urban landscape. The photograph frames a lone commuter, adorned in a sharp suit, navigating the bustling cityscape. The convergence of architectural lines, juxtaposed with the solitary figure, speaks volumes about the journey of the individual in the midst of the urban cacophony. Morales’ keen eye for capturing the interplay between humans and their environment earned him the well-deserved second place.
  3. Third Place: “Generations in Grayscale” by Maya GuptaMaya Gupta’s “Generations in Grayscale” is a poignant snapshot of three generations huddled together on a park bench. The absence of color emphasizes the timeless connection between grandmother, mother, and daughter. The wrinkles and smiles worn by time tell a story of shared laughter, wisdom, and love. Gupta’s ability to freeze a heartfelt moment in monochrome earned her the third place in the contest.

Celebrating Diversity in Visual Expression

The winners of FTIH Film School’s World Photography Day Contest aptly exemplify the diverse nature of visual expression. Through their lenses, they illuminate the beauty that surrounds us, unveil the stories that often go unnoticed, and remind us of the power that resides in focus and vision.

As we celebrate World Photography Day, let us remember that each photograph is a testament to the photographer’s unique perspective, their ability to see beyond the ordinary, and their dedication to capturing moments that transcend time. The FTIH Film School’s contest not only celebrates the winners but also pays homage to all photographers who dedicate their lives to this timeless art form.


In a world inundated with visual stimuli, photography stands as a remarkable art that freezes fleeting moments, captures emotions, and preserves memories. The winners of FTIH Film School’s World Photography Day Contest have showcased their exceptional focus and vision, inviting us to perceive the world through their eyes. As we applaud their talent, let us also reflect on the power of a photograph to inspire, to move, and to immortalize the beauty that exists in our world. Happy World Photography Day!