NAVIKA FACTORY Audition For “Idi Mayabazar” Series

Series Synopsis: “Idi Mayabazar” is a journey of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-pandemic Telugu Cinema trying to make it big. The obstacles and struggles they face in their journey seem to be serious in their point of view while they seem to be satirical in the audience point of view.

Role Requirement: Female aged about 25-27 Yr

Character Synopsis: Priyanka is an NRI who works in the US. She comes to India for a one month vacation and enjoys her stay trying new food places.

She has a conflict with her boyfriend Tarun who has visited India a few months before her trip and is willing to stay back and pursue acting in Hyderabad.

She tries convincing him to travel back to the US along with her but they end up breaking up with each other and Tarun stays back.

No. of scenes: 6, No. of days required: 2 Shooting dates (Aug 16th to 24th)

Contact Details: 9966876224

Role Requirement: Male aged about 27 – 33 Yr

Character Synopsis: Koushik is an aspiring Producer, who starts his own cafe and Business.

Looking to form a team who can make a low budget

indie film.

No. of Scenes: 7 No. of Days required: 1 Night

3 Days Shooting dates (Aug 16th to 24th)

Role Requirement: Male aged about 40 to 55 yr

Character Synopsis: Diwakar is an OTT Content Head, who judges the script based on the views and followers of the Directors and actors previous works/ Instagram or social media profiles. Rejecting an aspiring directors

Pitch deck.

No of shooting Hrs : 3-4 Hrs

Contact Details: 9966876224

Emai ID: