It is very important for a short screen and a silver screen photographer. Whatever language may be, everyone is called half director. Because The Director’s feelings are beautiful and half sense on the screen. Bhāryāmaṇi, the base of the wife, the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is very close to the fans of every serial, is very close to every serial audience, by showing it beautiful on the screen, by showing the beautiful on the screen, d.o.p sri Also, camera on the silver screen..! the film that worked as an order, you should have shared success milk in some black semester movies like this. D.O.P Śrīnādh garu.


Acting Workshop By The Great Comedian And Actor Mr.Krishna Bhagavan Garu @FTIH
17 March 2020
Acting Workshop by the most senior actor Shree Chalapathi Rao Garu @FTIH
25 february 2020
Acting Workshop by actress Miss Madhavi Latha Garu @FTIH
24 february 2020