Siva Nageswara Rao Garu, an acclaimed Indian film director known for his exceptional work in comedy films, is set to grace FTIH Film School with his presence. The renowned filmmaker has been invited to an exclusive interaction session with the students, offering them a unique opportunity to learn from his vast experience and gain valuable insights into the world of Telugu cinema. In this blog, we not only explore Rao’s notable films but also celebrate the exciting prospect of his interaction with the budding filmmakers of FTIH Film School.

Money (1993)

As the directorial debut that paved the way for Rao’s illustrious career, “Money” showcases his early prowess in comedy. Now, students at FTIH Film School have the chance to engage with the visionary director and gain firsthand knowledge about the making of this comedy gem.

Money Money (1994)

Following his successful debut, Rao continued to mesmerize audiences with his humor-filled sequel, “Money Money.” The film’s unique blend of comedy and engaging storytelling will undoubtedly spark intriguing discussions during the interaction session at FTIH Film School.

Lucky Chance (1994)

“Lucky Chance” brings together Rao’s comedic genius and the students’ enthusiasm for exploring the intricacies of comedy in cinema. The film’s humorous situations and witty dialogues will surely serve as a focal point for lively exchanges and valuable insights.

Sisindri (1995)

With its innocent humor and mischievous toddler protagonist, “Sisindri” has charmed audiences of all ages. Now, the students at FTIH Film School have the rare chance to learn from Rao about his creative process in crafting such endearing and entertaining comedy films.

Mr & Mrs Sailaja Krishnamurthy (2004)

Rao’s venture into the romantic-comedy genre with “Mr & Mrs Sailaja Krishnamurthy” promises to spark insightful discussions at the interaction session. Students will have the opportunity to explore Rao’s approach to combining humor with heartfelt emotions in this beloved film.

The FTIH Film School Exclusive Interaction Session

FTIH Film School has extended an invitation to Siva Nageswara Rao Garu for an interactive session with the students. This session will enable aspiring filmmakers to engage with the maestro himself, gaining valuable insights into the art of directing and the intricacies of comedy in cinema. It is a unique occasion for students to learn from Rao’s experiences, expand their knowledge, and be inspired to create their own remarkable cinematic works.


The convergence of Siva Nageswara Rao’s cinematic brilliance and the eager minds of FTIH Film School students heralds an exciting prospect. The interactive session offers a golden opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to learn from Rao’s invaluable experiences and gain a deeper understanding of Telugu comedy cinema. As FTIH Film School becomes the backdrop for this interaction, it becomes a breeding ground for creative inspiration and a catalyst for the next generation of talented filmmakers to shine in the world of cinema.