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Wedding Photography Training Hyderabad

At a wedding, magical moments occur, and every bride and groom hopes their photographer will capture them on film. Every seasoned professional wedding photographer must be well-versed in candid wedding photography techniques, especially when working in difficult lighting settings. With the help of our Candid Wedding Photography course, you will master essential shooting techniques: in low light, the scenario camera needs to be set up in a way that will let you blend in and capture everyone appearing at ease and natural.


We will address a variety of unexpected situations that may happen during a wedding session, as well as multiple ideas and suggestions for remaining relevant in this competitive but rewarding business. To truly teach you how to "see the light," we will spend a whole half-day shooting with a bride and groom at several places! A module that covers style, expectations of you, and must-hit shots are also included. We can also try to make plans to take you to a real wedding for a time so you can practice your skills while taking wedding photos in a real wedding setting. We'll spend a few hours discussing how to give your photos a dynamic look using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You'll graduate from the course with some excellent portfolio pieces, a lot of knowledge about the wedding photography industry, and shooting and editing skills that will significantly enhance your work.


Wedding photographers frequently show their styles. Every photographer wants to address every aspect of his job with creativity and individuality. However, to meet the objectives of each customer, a few candid photo shoot guidelines must be followed. Candid wedding photography is real coverage; it captures the events of the wedding day as they happen organically, without the photographer making some poses or controlling the flow of events. With the help of our course on candid wedding photography, you will discover what your clients want from you on the most momentous day of their lives.

Equipment & Lenses

Most of the time, wedding photographers use prime lenses. Among the most popular lenses are 70-200 mm variable lenses, 35 mm and 85 mm lenses. These lenses can function effectively in dim or unbalanced lighting conditions.

A 70-200mm/f2.8 lens is typically used for candid photography to capture interesting portraits with small depths of focus. For photography in various lighting situations, it is also necessary to use off-camera flash and external lights in addition to lenses.


For your wedding celebrations, a basic wedding photography package includes photography, videography, some edited photographs, and an edited video.

Wedding photographers typically capture the wedding ceremony as well as other significant wedding activities. A wedding photography package often includes 4 to 8 hours of photography and videography coverage of each event, depending on the type of event. So, request a basic wedding photography bundle and add-on package from your short-listed wedding photographer so you can compare them to the packages of the other short-listed wedding photographers. You won't be confused about who is donating what in this way.

Duration: 3 Months | 6 months | 1 Year


Food Photography Training Hyderabad

 Food photography involves taking pictures of food and drink products for any client. The customer might be a cafe, a hotel, or any online food marketplace. Any food item can be shot in a variety of ways. Depending on the requirements of the project, you could choose to shoot high-end photos with a lot of elements or shots with a plain background for any online selling platform.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY Food photography is challenging since there are many different meal products with distinctive appearances, and you also need to highlight the food's texture in addition to other factors.

A food photographer must put in a lot of effort to get viewers to respond positively and strongly to the items they depict. Although it may seem straightforward, this is no easy task. Food photographers need to be able to capture cuisine in the best possible light in addition to having a background in and appreciation for food. As a result, this job frequently combines a strong photographic skill set with culinary expertise. This can be a fairly complex position, even though an individual's career path may differ in how they arrive here.

Food photographers may frequently be employed directly by businesses. Due to the ongoing need for various food photos, they might work as a team for a food organization. These food images will be used in advertisements, on food packaging, and for promotional purposes. Food shots must satisfy a variety of requirements; thus, the photographer must be skilled at getting the shot just right so that the food appears appetizing and compels viewers to consume it.

Typically, food photographers are engaged in both the setup and the actual photo session. To ensure that the cuisine is the freshest possible and looks its finest, they could labor to obtain the necessary materials.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHYThey might adjust the lighting so that the foods are highlighted clearly by the best light available. To ensure that the business they are working for is pleased with the images that are taken, they could try to create the ideal environment for the food to be photographed in. To comprehend the necessity for the food images and make sure they are taken in the proper and greatest way, they may have an engaged role from beginning to conclusion.

Food businesses or restaurants may hire freelance or contract food photographers in addition to

When photographing food, you must style both the item and the shot. Aim for a natural appearance when styling food. Make it appear appetizing; don't worry about making it picture-perfect. Consider the scenario of photographing a smoothie bowl.

Photographs clicked by students of FTIH

Duration: 3 Months | 6 months | 1 Year


Product Photography Training Hyderabad

PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY Product photography is an image of a good for sale.   These pictures, which are used to persuade customers to buy the things being photographed, are also referred to as commercial photography. In addition to the written copy and the product descriptions, they include product information and features. Giving prospective customers a complete picture of the product is the idea.

Product photography is a type of commercial photography whose objective is to portray a product as accurately as possible through photographs. The elements of good lighting, backdrop materials, sharp camera focus with the right depth of field, beneficial camera angles, and careful editing are all important components of great product photography. (In a previous piece, we discussed some useful advice for taking product photos.)

Professional e-commerce photography aids consumers in making more informed decisions about competing goods. Therefore, to compete in the market of 2023, product sellers would be best served by using professional product pictures. Additionally, some brand-new product photography formats weren't accessible until lately but will assist consumers to distinguish between products even more.

Photographs clicked by students of FTIH

Duration: 3 Months | 6 months | 1 Year


Portrait Photography Training Hyderabad

One of the most important components of portrait photography is lighting, as various lighting configurations can produce a different attitude or emotion in the shot. Most portrait photographers use either natural light or studio lights and reflectors rather than the camera's built-in flash. The figure may be set by a combination of reflectors and out-of-camera lights if the photographer is working in a studio. They may choose a portrait photo that is naturally lit if the studio lighting is not an option or if it is not their preferred look. In this situation, the portrait photographer uses the sun's natural light.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHYIf done properly, this can result in lovely photographs but it does require more knowledge of daylight timing and body placement to make successful natural light portrait photography.

Photographs clicked by students of FTIH

What makes a photo a portrait?

A picture qualifies as a portrait when the viewer can feel a connection to the subject while also being moved by the background, lighting, and emotion of the picture.

Although a candid photo is not considered a portrait, the best portraits are frequently the most unposed.

Why is portrait photography important?

  1. Multiple factors, which may differ from person to person, might make portrait photography valuable.
  2. For purposes of historical preservation, personal branding, or pure enjoyment, a portrait shot may be crucial.
  3. The value of portrait photography cannot be attributed to one specific factor.

It can be challenging to communicate the value of art, just like with any other form of expression. The following arguments may be sufficient to address this query. Perhaps what makes portrait photography such an inexplicable need among the general public is the connection that a good portrait image can generate with the viewer.PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY

Each of us has the emotions and feelings that a good portrait photograph can provoke, but we can only connect with those emotions and feelings on a deeper level when we view them through a good portrait.

Why do we need portrait photography?

We require portraits in order for portrait photographers to communicate with their audience and create a sense of shared emotion in them.

The audience might be you, the photographer, who is taking the portraits for joy or as a passion, or it might be the family of a client whose portraits you took.

It requires striking a balance between your satisfaction and that of your client. The emotions a person viewing a portrait should experience are entirely up to the portrait photographer.

Duration: 3 Months | 6 months | 1 Year

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