Diploma in Photography

Available Course Duration :

  • 12 Weeks
  • 24 Weeks
  • 52 Weeks

Photography course in Hyderabad
Photography in D.F.TECH is one of the professional courses in the field of photography that Film and Television Institute of Hyderabad offers.

As a result, FTIH could able to train students in photography, thus helping good number of students to make photography as a profession.

Students of photography are made to work on various photography assignments and assessments are regular routine. Students learn while earning good amount of practical knowledge on variety of cameras.

As a result we, at FTIH educate our students from the historical developments to the technological sophistications, thus giving them profound knowledge to meet the creative currents of industry.

Photography is a course that needs a great correlation between a student and teaching faculty.

Students are made to work their practicals in the presence of concerned faculty, thus helping them to rectify beginners’ hiccups and errors.

Photography is the art of writing with light and enunciates a great message in a single snap.

Students of FTIH
Students of FTIH are made to realize the potential of this art form and stimulating the required temper in a student for a sensible and innovative production of photographs.

Organising workshops on the technical and artistic analysis of the photography is an integral part of the photography course.

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Our students of photography are trained in different schools of photography such as candid photography, fashion photography, product photography, landscape photography, portrait photography and so on.

End of the course, students may opt out their interest and specialize in the respective field.

Most of all it is essential for every photography student to get to know about different types of photography, thus helping them to procure experience working with different styles.

In conclusion, our courses in photography cater to the needs and convenience of many aspirants, as our courses are tailor made.

We offer photography courses at different modules that start with crash course to a full-length training. Lets! Put our hands together to arrest the possible kodak moments.

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